PRISMA provides comprehensive and sustainable solutions for the prosperity of smallholder farming households in Indonesia.

The program works with partners to help spur growth along the value chain by reducing constraints and barriers to farmer productivity, performance and market access.

Our Achievement

As of December 2021


2.81 tn




1.03 tn

1,274 tn

296 bn


Research Reveals Opportunity for Reaching more Women Farmers with Good Agricultural Practices

Companies often overlook the business opportunities associated with women’s vital roles as financial managers and decision-makers in agricultural households. New data on women’s preferred information channels during COVID-19 sheds light on how companies can make more inclusive business s...
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Differences in Information Channels Linked to Significant Difference in Uptake of Animal Feed between East and Central Java

A market study conducted by PRISMA and RAD Research in February 2021 has revealed that Central Java and East Java, which each comprise almost 40 per cent of Indonesia’s beef cattle population, use very different amounts of concentrate feed in their herds. 70 per cent of cattle farmers in East ...
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Learnings from Agricultural Market Actors Gender Mainstreaming Strategy in Southeast Asia

Women comprise up to 50 per cent of the agricultural labor force in Southeast Asia. Most of them still face structural challenges due to lower access to resources and services and higher barriers from cultural and social norms.  PRISMA joined Grow Asia, Mars, and East-West Seed for the &q...
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Backed by Research, NTT Government Drives Maize Development to Support Food Security

Lecky Frederich Koli, Head of NTT Agriculture Provincial Agency, appreciates PRISMA’s years of collaboration between PRISMA, the NTT Agriculture Provincial Agency, and the Assessment Institute of Agricultural Technology (BPTP) NTT - a government body mandated to disseminate agricu...
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Transforming the Value Chain: PRISMA Partners with One of Indonesia’s Largest Maize Buyers to NTT

Underdeveloped value chains have long hampered the growth of the maize sector in NTT. Because there is no continuous presence of large maize buyers in the region, the maize market in NTT is dominated by small-scale traders that have limited capacity to absorb and add value to local production. ...
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